DIY Halloween Perler Bead Earrings

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Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year. I love decorating, pumpkin carving, Halloween movies, traditions and dressing up. I pull out my jack-o-lantern sweatshirts well before October. We start decorating the house after labor day. We’re those people. And I love making these Halloween earrings. It doesn’t hurt that they’re so easy and cheap to make!

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Aren’t they adorable?? And you can pretty much watch the video and know how make your own, that’s how easy this is! But just in case you wanted a step by step, here you go!


Biggie Perler Beads

Parchment Paper

Earring Studs

Vinyl scraps

Your favorite cutting machine. I use a Cricut.

First, grab your biggie beads. I had never used these before. My kids only use the regular sized ones. (Did you know they have mini ones too? They must be for bigger kids/adults because my kids can barely handle the regular size without spilling them absolutely everywhere. Who am I kidding? They still spill them everywhere.)

Next heat your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit . Lay some parchment paper down on a cookie sheet to make it easy to remove the beads when they’re melted. Give them enough space to melt without merging together. You want your beads as round as possible. You’ll likely have some that melt into something closer to an oval, but it just adds character, right?! You could also try some regular sized beads. They will be a lot smaller, but I think they’re so cute plain and they’re the perfect size for little girls. You could even throw some pony beads on there!

Bake the perlers for 45 minutes. While they’re baking grab your vinyl and use your favorite cutting machine to cut some cute vinyl faces. I got my Jack-O-Lantern faces from Craft Houses SVG. Head over to Hello SVG for the Nightmare Ghoul Smiling (Jack Skellington) and the Frankenstein Face. And for the witch hat I created my own in Design Space. I’ll try to get a file to share with you ASAP.

Once the beads are done, let the cool for a few minutes. Remember, they’re plastic so if you move them while they’re still warm they will start to mold into different shapes. If you want to intentionally mold them into another shape go for it! You could try to make hearts, squares, footballs. Whatever comes to mind! You may have to stick those ones back in for a few minutes to get more of a natural shape instead of a hand molded shape.

Next you can apply your designs onto your beads. I started with transfer tape, because that’s what I do for all of my other projects. Ultimately I just found that it was so much easier to just put the pieces on individually. There are so few pieces that it wasn’t too hard to get them in the right spot. I was worried that the designs would come off the plastic easily, but so far they haven’t.

The last thing you’ll need to do is glue on your studs. I used these studs from Amazon. I’ve been really happy with them. I tend to have fairly sensitive ears and these haven’t bothered them at all. To glue them on I used E-6000. I use this for a ton of projects. Basically anything that doesn’t involve wood. (I stick to my wood glue for that.) So far they’ve held on great!

And that’s it! See, wasn’t that simple?! I hope you loved this project. I can’t wait to make some for Christmas!

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