Beautiful DIY Farmhouse Desk

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Don’t you just love farmhouse style desks? For years we had 30″ tall black office desk that held our computer. It was so ugly. Something we just shoved in the corner. It wasn’t even that functional. We had enough space on it to have the computer, mouse and keyboard.

So bad, right? Cords everwhere. Wood boards screwed in to give us more space. It was a mess. And look at that awful stool!! I knew I wanted something in here that was functional AND beautiful. So on to pinterest I went! I found a beautiful farmhouse desk by Handmade Haven. Seriously, she has some amazing designs. Go check her out!! She also has a great tutorial for this desk if you’re looking to build it. The original plans didn’t have a place I could put a computer tower so I needed to make a few adjustments to the plans.

For the full tutorial, head on over to Handmade Haven. To make the adjustments to create a space for a tower follower her steps 1-5. In step 6 you add the side shelves. Instead of making the width 17″ I made it 12″. (Make sure to measure your tower’s height and width to make sure you get the right dimensions!) I also skipped adding one of the stretchers on the side because I wanted access to the side of the tower. For the base of the tower I had some left over masonite board that I used instead of plywood. I used Swiss Coffee for the paint and for the stain I used a mixture of Minwax Classic Gray and Special Walnut. Any mixture will give you different results. Just test your mixture on a scrap piece of wood and then go for it!

I hope you loved this farmhouse desk as much as I do! Let me know what you think!

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