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Daily Archives: October 25, 2022

Christmas Alphabet Letter Practice

Last summer we took a trip to the doctor to talk about my son. He had been having some trouble in school and was falling behind. I didn’t realize it until, at the end of the year, his teacher mentioned to me that it took him twenty minutes longer than everyone else to finish his work. He wasn’t a distraction to other kids, and he was well-behaved. He just couldn’t focus. I didn’t think too much about it until I was talking to a friend of mine about him and she mentioned that her sister dealt with the same things and they found out she had ADD.

At that point it just clicked that he probably had something along those lines and we took him into the doctor and he was diagnosed. Since this was during the summer we didn’t end up doing anything about it right away. He started school back up in the fall and tried a number of different things to help him try to catch up in school.

By October I was starting to get desperate. I had no idea what to do. After a lot of thought and prayer I felt so strongly that we needed to start homeschooling him. So in January we pulled him out of school and began our homeschool journey. And you know what? It’s been amazing for both of us. My other kids are still in public school for now. (And I just want to say that teachers are amazing and I appreciate all they do! They deserve all the recognition in the world!)

Now that my younger kids are approaching school age I wanted to create some resources to help them along the way, whether we end up homeschooling all of the kids or not. My kids always love holiday worksheets so I hope you love this Christmas alphabet practice too!